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Intelligent Eco Solutions (IES) sells the most effective eco-products and educates the transportation community on how to run a cleaner, more successful operation.

The company provides a valuable service by illustrating how these products can improve efficiency and reduce costs. Based on our extensive experience managing bus and truck fleets, IES explains how each product will work with each specific vehicle, in a language that fleet managers can understand.

IES targets companies in the trucking, transportation, construction, and mining industries. These companies have large vehicle fleets and are constantly looking for ways to cut costs, increase efficiency, improve maintenance and reduce their impact on the environment. The IES system lengthens engine life, reduces downtime and increases profits for truck owner, just like you.

About the Founder About Founder IEs

About the Founder

David Carson founded Intelligent Eco Solutions to bring the most practical cost-saving technologies to transportation, trucking and mining companies in Chile and Latin America.

David's passion for efficient operations comes from experience leading his family bus businesses in California. From his father and uncle, he learned to break down complex problems into achievable tasks. David managed projects for high-profile clients such as the US Customs-Border Patrol and the Winter Olympics. He acquired buses, set up new facilities to rehab and retrofit several fleets, defined maintenance procedures, and managed the processes to ensure the quality of each vehicle. He took special care to make sure that all vehicles were in compliance with California's famously strict air quality standards.

About IES

Join the IES Team

Intelligent Eco-Solutions is a young, fun, energetic company. We are always looking for quick-learning, fast paced, enthusiastic and dynamic individuals. We strive for people who are impeccably organized with an immaculate attention to detail. It takes ambition, drive and innovative thinking to live up to our mission, so as a general business practice, IES looks for the following qualities:

  • - Cross Functional Skill-Set: Someone who can work across a variety of platforms and move into various positions within the organization.

  • - Customer Service: All IES personnel have interaction with our clients or work on something that is meant for the end user. This means that each and every person must be customer-centric.

  • - Dedicated: IES looks for long-term fits that are aligned with the values and goals of our organization.

  • - Forward Thinking: There is proprietary green-tech involved in many aspects of the IES operation. All personnel need to be comfortable using the latest technology to further enhance their knowledge, capabilities and productivity at work.

  • - Attitude: IES looks for people that are highly motivated and retain that 'whatever it takes' attitude to apply towards all aspects of their career. The company has a 'can-do' attitude and its team is at the foundation of it.

  • - Decision Making: IES looks for people seeking substantial responsibilities and are not afraid to make a decision. Intelligent Eco-Solutions encourages independent thinking and therefore needs team members who embrace such empowerment.

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¿Cómo mejorar el rendimento en camiones, buses y equipo minero?

El nuevo sistema eléctrico de refinación de aceite a bordo distribuido por Intelligent Eco Solutions, purifica el aceite utilizado en camiones, buses y equipamiento minero extendiendo completamente la vida del equipo. Los mototer convencionales requieren un cambio de aceite de 15.000 a 30.000 kilometros.....

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