Oil Flow Filtration Process

Oil Filtration Process


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How it helps your company

  • benefitsEliminating Costs of New Oil
  • benefitsDisposal Costs of Waste Oil
  • benefitsCleaner Engines Reduce
  • Emissions
  • benefitsReducing Downtime and Repairs
  • benefitsIncrease Engine Operating Life
  • benefitsSave Thousands Every Year
  • Per Truck
We are committed to reducing the consumption
of fuel and oil

Case Studies

Extensive research has been done by various public and private entities proving the effectiveness of by-pass filtration systems.

  •  United States General Accounting Office
  • U.S. Department of Energy
  • California Enviormental Protection Energy
  • United States General Accounting Office
  • Blackstone Laboratories
  • United States General Accounting Office
  • Cummins

IES Support Program


Keep the same maintance routine but now instead of changing your oil just take a sample and send it in to IES.

IES care engine
Preventative Maintenance

IES's highly skilled technicians train your mechanics on how to use oil analysis results to better improve your maintenance.

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